Exhausting the Body

12th-13th. July. 2019. Berlin
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Alex Dermatis

Alex Dermatis is a performance artist living and working in Berlin. Since 2009 his work involves ropes and bodies. Since 2015 it has been focused on BDSM practices and sexuality. For the past three years, he has held a weekly performance residency at Kitkat Club where he has developed the work in the form that exist today.

Before coming to Berlin, he spent 15 years in London, where he studied History of Art in Goldsmiths, trained as an aerial acrobat to a professional level (static trapeze and code lisse), and worked for artists such as Tino Sehgal, Oreet Ashery and the Shunt collective. Alex born and grew up in Athens, Greece

Alex Dermatis ETB presentation comes in form of a long durational installation, which will gradually be built out of ropes and bodies; as a manifestation of an intimate BDSM-dialogue that will be developed on the same stage between him and his models.