Exhausting the Body

12th-13th. July. 2019. Berlin
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Coven of Ashes

United States

Coven of Ashes is an all-female collaborative ritual performance project. We utilize a myriad of ritual knowledge, performing arts,  altered states of consciousness, bloodletting, flesh hook suspension, spoken word, adornment and any other concepts we may want to throw into the cauldron.
Our rituals vary from venerating and invoking blood goddesses, the divine and demonic feminine, embodying their archetypes, sanctifying our bodily autonomy, banishing negative societal stigmas, exploring our shadow/primal/feral selves and allowing persecuted women of the past possess us. We heavily connect with our blood (both veinal and vaginal), vulnerability, visceral pain and our need to manifest and transcend.

Coven of Ashes’ international debut;  In the midst of Eclipse Season, they take on exorcising their deepest demons and traumas that we all embody. Through Butoh inspired visceral movement, sacred ritual performance, bloodletting, and suspension, Coven of Ashes processes their trauma and delivers it through the vessel who accepts their grief willingly, ascending the physical and transmuting to transcendence. Coven of Ashes has deep roots in chaotic mysticism and primordial rites.

This is the ritual opening to the event and sets the stage for all the glory, pain and physical alchemy to come.
Featuring original music by Infinexhuma.

By Paul Koudounaris