Exhausting the Body

12th-13th. July. 2019. Berlin
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The Ijilja


Simple put shamanist art of transformation is an ability to cross from image to image, shifting spaces and bodily forms while relating to other and other worlds -> purpose -> to release and heal the subconscious mind.

Siberian shamans claim to die and lie dead for three to seven days in their yurts (solitary space). Ancestral spirit or demons come and cut them up into pieces -> shape shifting. Shaman does not become possessed by spirit, but transforms himself into spirit via his ecstatic technique. Somatically transforming one pace, one synapse, and one single cell at time. Self help is no help at all. Self sacrifice is the way -> embracing the suffering, and not running from it.

On this path my ritual will be held inside of the cage build from acrylic sheets. Inside I will put ground, black ink, and on a pieces of papers written down my traumas (physical attack in Stuttgart and Zagreb, war etc.), my meditative drawings. My body shall be covered with black ink, and then I’ll do self – flagellation with a belt. Face covered as usual, because by hiding my identity I have become no one, and by becoming no one I have become everyone.  On the top of the cage there will be an opening, because during the ritual I want visitors to write down on a piece of papers their traumas too, with every single hit on my back I will achieve not only healing of my past, but healing of visitor’s past too.

The Ljilja is a visual artist born in Croatia. She made her first debut in 2006 and since then her art has been shown in group and solo shows. Her work range from installations and paintings to photography and performances.