Exhausting the Body

12th-13th. July. 2019. Berlin
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Tiger Orchid

Tiresia –The Necromancer

Concept: Tiresia is a figure from the Greek mythology and literature, the blind Necromancer who appears in the XI Book of Odyssey, He has been the most renowned soothsayer of the non religious era, cursed by Athena to live a transgendered life, condemned to be a woman for 7 Years.
Having been both man and woman, Tiresia is a symbol, it is the life itself and the union between ancient and modern time, it represents the archetype of a certain "lost humanity".
..."So that I Tiresia - the one who bleeds between two lives- even though I am blind, can show you the path to follow .... Here, I am just a necromancer -as powerless as probability- in overcoming fate"

It is an act inspired by the Greek Theatre, and its Ritualistic element; the version proposed for this specific Festival develops mostly the suffering of the character condemned  to live in the Ade and forced to see the truth, consumed by the sexual desire. Pirobazia, needles, hooks, masturbation will be forced to the maximum to emphasize the tale.